Welcome to Boganmania!

Welcome to Boganmania.com, the website dedicated to all things Aussie bogans like: videos, merchandise, galleries and yes, ‘The Bogan Show,’ which is our study of Bogan fashion, motors, music and more.

For more ripper content including interviews, burnouts, music, promos and everything else under the sun make sure you take the time to have a peek inside The Vault!

There’s opinions from plenty of grass roots Aussies, the odd larrikin or three and even some higher profile interviews. We regard the Bogan to be a valued and legitimate part of Australian culture. If you call yourself an Aussie, then you’ve got Bogan blood in your veins, Bogan fuel in the tank, and Bogan pride in your character.

The term Bogan is not a put down, it’s a compliment. 

So dust off your DBs and come for a stroll down Bogan Alley with us.

What’s it All About?